• R&D
One of our principle strengths is our commitment to innovation and to research and development.
Over 20 creative and dedicated development engineers at SteriLance are involved in research and development. New products and solutions are often conceived in cooperation with customers. We even have a team solely dedicated to creating new, groundbreaking technologies and products while actively collaborating with customers and academic partners.
SteriLance is aimed to provide overall products and service to allusers in different countries and regions. We are committed to deliver you abetter and safe life.
At a glance
1. SteriLance LDE2 (Lancing Device with Ejector)
Compared with SteriLance LDE, SteriLance LDE2 is improved for:
- fashionable and modern appearance, puncture depth is indicated by numbers
- improved inner structure of the cap, plus the ergonomic designdetails, more comfortable feeling when adjusting the depth setting
- newly added "↑" setting to take off the clear tip of the cap to clean the inner surface of the front sampling opening
2. NanoSense LDE
Safety is always a very important factor of our design. The outstanding safety features of NanoSense LDE protect you from accidental needlestick in all cases. You are not allowed to prime or fire the lancet when the cap is removed. Also many ergonomic design details and modern appearance will bring you a more comfortable sampling experience.
3. Asurity Protected Blade System
The Asurity Protected Blade System includes a protected surgical blade and a specialized metal handle. The metal handle is reusable after sterilization and the protected blade is disposable use. The conventional protected blade in the market can not ensure disposable use as the used cartridge can be attached to the metal handle again and again; this is a potential risk for both surgeons and patients.
Driven by the policy of “Innovation for Safety”, SteriLance finally developed a safety cartridge that can ensure disposable use completely. The used cartridge can not be attached to the metalhandle again to avoid cross infection.
The above new products will be launched very soon and SteriLance people will never be satisfied with existing achievements, we will keep developing more and more innovative and safety engineered products to the world.
Please keep you eyes on SteriLance!

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